Entrepreneurs With High Determination Don't Give Up

Delays and obstructions don't deter them. These business builders' tenacity and persistence help them recover from setbacks and failures.
Should Employers Ban Email After Work Hours?

A close look at whether being connected to work 24/7 is a net gain or net drain on employees' well-being -- and how leaders should manage after-hours work.
From Economy to Luxury, What Matters Most to Hotel Guests

The most successful hotels know their customers well and offer products and services that are perfectly aligned with guests' needs.
Starved of Financing, New Businesses Are in Decline

Gallup research finds that business startups have declined in line with the personal savings rate. This means American entrepreneurship remains at risk.

They know that shifting from a do-it-yourself executive style to a more hands-off approach is essential as their business starts to grow.

The economic downturn left lasting financial and emotional scars. But a recent Gallup study finds signs that consumer attitudes are starting to improve.

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Though Insured, Many U.S. Asians Lack a Personal Doctor
In the U.S., Hispanics and Asians are less likely to report having a personal doctor compared with other racial and ethnic groups, even though Asians are among the most likely to say that they have health insurance.

Thriving levels in different elements of well-being varied worldwide in 2013. Panamanians have the highest levels, while Syrians and Afghans have the lowest. Regionally, residents of sub-Saharan Africa are least likely to be thriving.

Less than one-quarter of Americans (22%) say there is too little government regulation of business and industry, while about half (49%) say there is too much. These attitudes have been consistent over the past five years.

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