Helping America's Military Heroes

Under the leadership of a visionary general, USAA fosters high employee engagement in the service of its military members. In this interview, he explains how.
How Hotels Can Engage Gen X and Millennial Guests

Gallup's latest hospitality study reveals the preferences of the up-and-coming generations of guests -- who, through their sheer numbers, could reshape the industry.
Why Customer Engagement Matters So Much Now

Wary consumers will give more money to the businesses they feel emotionally connected to -- while ignoring, or even opposing, those that provide them no value.
Why High Confidence Is Crucial for Entrepreneurs

Certainty in their abilities helps entrepreneurs start businesses, persist in the face of ambiguity and failure, and remain poised in meeting challenges.

World-class organizations select great managers, build high-performing teams, hire for talent, and create workplace cultures rooted in employee engagement, among other things -- all to deliver a great customer experience.

How the bank's investment in development, engagement, and inclusion has proven to be good for employees, customers, and the bottom line.

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Americans Favor Ban on Smoking in Public, but Not Total Ban
A majority of Americans say smoking in public places should be illegal. That is consistent with recent years, but a shift from before 2008 when the majority disagreed. Still, nearly 20% of Americans would totally ban smoking.

Americans are much more likely now than they were 30 years ago to say drinking has been a cause of trouble in their family. Those who acknowledge having alcohol-related family problems are less likely to say they drink.

Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index dropped six points last week to -21 -- the largest one-week drop since last October, and the lowest weekly index score since December. Americans' outlook for the economy plummeted to an eight-month low.

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