Co-Founder's Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Now Gallup's strengths evangelist, remarkably successful entrepreneur Paul Allen has learned the virtues of knowing -- and maximizing -- the innate talents of everyone on a team.
For Great Business Builders, Knowledge Is Power

Highly successful entrepreneurs are obsessed with their business; they have a strong desire to acquire in-depth knowledge about all aspects of it.
The Five Ways Top-Performing Companies Engage Customers

The best businesses don't leave critical moments between employees and customers to chance. They hire for talent, build on employees' strengths, and create engaging workplaces, among other things.
Successful Entrepreneurs Declare Their Independence

If you're a business builder who has high Independent talent, you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades who can single-handedly start and operate a winning enterprise.

This top U.S. independent hotel management company built its strategy on engaging employees and maximizing talent -- and created a culture that generates success.

Delays and obstructions don't deter them. These business builders' tenacity and persistence help them recover from setbacks and failures.

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Entrepreneurial Plans Highest in Sub-Saharan Africa
More than one in three sub-Saharan Africans (35%) who aren't already business owners said in 2013 that they planned to start their own business -- the highest figure of all the world's regions.

While U.S. small-business owners are more likely to say they are satisfied with being a small-business owner than they were in the years following the recession, they are less likely to say they feel successful.

The U.S. Economic Confidence Index rose four points to -14 last week, up from -18 the previous week. Americans' ratings of current conditions and the economic outlook improved. Confidence has not been this high since early June.

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